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Peruvian Condors

Colca Canyon in Peru is one of the deepest canyons in the world and home to Condors, one of the largest birds in the world. According to National Geographic, these Andean condors are massive birds with 10 foot wingspans, weighing in at about 33 pounds. That's a mighty big bird! Because they are so big, they need wind to help keep them aloft, so up high in the Andeans of Peru they are quite at home gliding on the air currents. It is a breath-taking sight to see.

These guys were sitting on a ledge below us for about 30 minutes with tourists waiting impatiently above for them to put on their morning show. We speculated that they were a family because they were of varying sizes, like Mom, Dad and Junior. Sure enough, one by one, they took to the sky and soared over the canyon, swooping and diving, seeming to enjoy the cold, windy morning.

After researching falcons for Time-Crossed Love, I have to admit I am very taken with birds like these. It is fascinating to see them in action! It was an experience I won't soon forget.

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