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The Falcons of Time-Crossed Love

I had fun researching falcons and falconry in my novel Time-Crossed Love. Would you believe the use of a trained bird of prey to hunt other wild quarry dates back to Mesopotamia around 2,000 B.C.? Consequently, I was pretty sure I was safe to use it in my story set in 1363 England!

As I looked at pictures of falcons, I have to admit I was taken with them. Light as a feather and ruthless hunters, they are amazing birds. I have watched some falconers at Renaissance Fairs demonstrate the falconry in the past, and in person these birds are much more magnificent than the pictures below.

These falcons I chose for Elena, Elric and Robert. Which one would you choose?

Elena's Merlin

Elric's Peregrine

Robert's Gyrfalcon

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