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Would you eat this?

What is this, you say? Why guinea pig, I reply!

Yup, we met this lovely young lady in Peru in September. The textiles she's wearing were created by her and her friends and sold to us after a lunch of soup, fried guinea pig, and other Peruvian delicacies. Apparently, guinea pigs are high in protein, easy to raise and tasty for the locals. This is how it would be presented for a holiday.

I was not up for even a taste, but my husband decided to give it a try, pronouncing it as "Tastes like chicken!" What? You're not surprised? Somehow any meat fried tastes like chicken, doesn't it?

I could never get past the memory of my friend's black and white spotted guinea pig that we played with for years when I was a kid. It would have been too much like eating a pet! Couldn't do it!

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