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A Ghostly Encounter

Part of the fun of writing a time travel story is getting to look at mystical places like castles. I spent time learning the language of the various parts of the castle so that words like bailey and keep, or great hall, would fall from my lips like I lived there! Castles and romance go together, so I couldn't resist having Ashley wind up in one. Remember how she hates the uneven stairs? This castle had that same thing going on. I loved that my research proved right!

I have traveled in England, Scotland, Wales, Spain, France and Italy where I found all kinds of ancient castles. Just looking at the ruins of these places makes my imagination run wild. I had a weird and wonderful experience in Ireland in a grand old castle where I was taking pictures of a private room. A head with red hair popped up and took up half of my screen. Thinking someone had stepped in front of me I looked up to see where I needed to move to get them out of my frame. To my surprise, NO ONE WAS THERE! I have been forever sorry I did not snap the picture because I might have had a cool picture of a GHOST! It gave me chills then and writing this, it still gives me chills. I know what I saw in that screen.

Have you ever seen a ghost?

No Ghosts in this one! Just me in the room where I saw my red-headed ghost.

This is the castle where my spirit friend apparently still dwells. Pretty stark on the outside, but not so bad inside.

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