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Sisters! If you don't have one, I bet at some point you wished you did! In Time-Crossed Love it is the single wish of Elena to have a sister and by the end of the novel she is set to have two!

Imagine being in Elena's situation, stuck in a castle in 1363 England, with no mother, no sisters, and no girls your own age to talk to. Sure, there are servants around, but no females of your own status with which to share secrets and become close friends. Who would you confide in? Who could you trust to keep your secrets and not laugh at you? Elena has only Elric and perhaps Cedric for that honor, and I am sure she would not share everything!

We take for granted in our modern world our ability to connect with loved ones and friends at any moment of the day or night. We cannot imagine that taken away from us. Yet, Ashley has never had a sister and for her, Elena and Charissa are gifts, too. Our human connections to each other remain central to a healthy, happy life, so it is the delight of a novelist to create the kinds of relationships we all wish to have. So, here's hoping each of you has a special sister somewhere in the world, either by blood or design, that you love and hold dear.

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