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Two Time-Crossed Couples + Three Time Periods =
Mischief Aplenty!


Time-Crossed Mischief

 A Time Travel Romance

Guardians of the Stones, Book 3

Guardian of the Stones time traveler, Ashley Duvall, never dreamed she would fall in love with medieval Englishman, Lord Robert Spycer, and leave her modern world, but she does. Robert's little sister,Elena, never intended to become a time travel mischief-maker when she pursues Lord Alexander St. John to Regency England, but she did. Ashley must fight for her place at Robert's side as his wife when Robert's father brings home a more "suitable bride" in the form of a gorgeous redhead. Meanwhile, Elena must fight off everything from a bad pony to a crime boss with a scheming debutante in between. Forces at the castle prevent Ashley's success while sheltered Elena learns to stand strong on her own. Will Elena's gamble to win Alex's love pay off, or will she be stuck alone in a London centuries ahead of her own time?

Can these two time-crossed couples find happiness?

Look for Guardians of the Stones, Books 1 & 2

Time-Crossed Love
Time-Crossed Wedding

Time-Crossed Christmas

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